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Louis C.K. to star in some Bullshit from David O. Russell

Illustration for article titled Louis C.K. to star in some emBullshit/em from David O. Russell

After having been unfairly shut out of Jennifer Lawrence's role in Silver Linings Playbook, Louis C.K. is finally getting his chance to work with David O. Russell, a director who seems to have renewed his commitment to following through with projects now that he knows they'll automatically be nominated for awards, even if they're just okay. The comic is reportedly joining the cast of Russell's American Bullshit—a film that is, regrettably, no longer called that, due to this already being the title of Silver Linings Playbook in China—with C.K. taking on the role of an FBI agent. Presumably this agent works alongside the one played by Bradley Cooper, watching bemusedly as Cooper coerces the con artist played by Christian Bale and his lover/cohort Amy Adams into helping him take down other corrupt mobsters and politicians, possibly including the Camden mayor played by Jeremy Renner. It's a pretty impressive cast, thus adding (along with his upcoming role in Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine) to the many reasons why Louis C.K. obviously thinks he's too good to make more Louie right now.


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