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In a fairly savvy programming strategy, Saturday Night Live announced during its Lena Dunham-hosted episode that Louis C.K. would be returning to host for a second time on March 29, continuing its streak of featuring people who star in loosely autobiographical comedies. (C.K., however, is not expected to be nude.) Excitingly, no musical guest was announced—suggesting we might at last hear Louis C.K.’s singing voice, rumored to be a smoky, Billie Holliday sort of warble, smooth as caramel. Long have the Parisian nightclubs spoken of the ruddy songbird who suddenly alighted in the wee morning hours and held the lonely rapt with his renditions of jazz standards, only to coquettishly spurn their declarations of amour and disappear before sunrise. But now we too may experience Louis C.K. whispering sweet melody in our ear, unless maybe SNL just hasn’t announced an actual musical guest yet.


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