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Louis C.K. says Horace And Pete is officially over

Horace And Pete

In news that won’t come as much of a surprise to those who watched the series’ brutal tenth episode, released two weeks ago today, Horace And Pete is over. Creator Louis C.K. made the end of his experiment in guerrilla, pay-per-episode TV official today, with an e-mail sent out to fans of the show saying, “But yeah, obviously, That was it.”

C.K. also took the opportunity to thank pretty much everybody on his cast and crew for their hard work in crafting his deeply depressing story of a Brooklyn bar and its legacy of violence and misery. According to the comedian, the entire team celebrated the series wrap by filling the bar’s taps with real beer and sharing a drink, a heart-warming image only slightly tempered by our reviewer’s description of the place as “a prison of abuse and neglect.”


C.K. is now offering viewers an option to buy the entire ten-episode season for $31 (the price of all the individual episodes, because offering a discount “isn’t fair to those who bought them one at a time, with no other option at the time.” You can also choose an option to fill in the blanks of your collection, if you picked and chose which episodes to watch, or gift the season to “someone you think needs to see it.”

It’ll be interesting to see if C.K.’s experiment—which co-starred Steve Buscemi, Alan Alda, and Edie Falco, and produced some damn compelling TV—will be adopted by any other maverick creators. (They might or might not be put off by the fact that C.K. reportedly went millions of dollars into debt in order to finance the show.)

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