The ascension of Louis C.K. to his current place as a jeweled and ruddy sun in the comedy sky will culminate in the big-screen debut of Hilarious on Sept. 8, when his concert film hits theaters in eight cities. Tickets for the screenings in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, or Washington D.C. go on sale today (get info here); if you live somewhere other than those cities, you’ll just have to spend another night tipping cows and hitting on your sister. Also, on Sept. 18, you can catch it on pay-cable channel Epix, which is still offering a free preview through its website. Otherwise, Comedy Central has plans to broadcast it sometime next year as well as release it on DVD—or you could just go catch Louis C.K. live, as he’s kicking off a 31-city tour on Sept. 17. Go here for dates.