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We're just about 24 hours away from the premiere of Louie's third season, meaning time is running out to absorb potential spoilers for the show, provided foreknowledge of the mostly minor plot details that aren't really the point of Louie anyway can "spoil" the show for you. Fortunately, Louis C.K. participated in a conference call this morning—presumably while seated atop a giant stack of cash, considering he says his recent self-distributed tour has already raked in $4.1 million—and he previewed a few things to look for this summer. For one thing, that previously reported guest star turn from Jerry Seinfeld. It's reportedly part of a long, connected three-episode arc that ties up the end of the season, with C.K. saying that "Seinfeld's acting was both phenomenal and something that fans wouldn't normally expect." (That Seinfeld would "act" at all would be something that fans wouldn't normally expect, of course.)


And for another, this season will see the reintroduction of C.K.'s fictional, occasionally talked-about ex-wife—and unlike her fleeting appearances in earlier episodes, this time she'll be black. He recently explained the decision on Jimmy Kimmel Live, saying,"When a black woman tells you to get a job, it's just more…" before trailing off with a laugh meant to convey how inspirational it is, we suppose. Today he elaborated more on dealing with the cognitive dissonance of his otherwise totally white family: "To me, the racial thing is like—when people probably first see her, their brains do a little bit of DNA map and go 'I'm not sure I get how that would happen,' and then I think with my show, most people, they go 'Oh, all right, just go ahead.'" DVD pull-quote!

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