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Louis C.K. is on a wanted poster for a "Peeping Tom" in California

When Louis C.K. suggested he would be spending the hiatus between now and the 2014 return of Louie recharging creatively, perhaps what he really meant is he would spend the next year riding his skateboard around his trailer park, watching underage girls get undressed. (He does like skateboarding….) Or perhaps C.K.’s unexplained appearance on this wanted poster, spotted along California’s Huntington Beach, is all just viral marketing for the UK premiere of Louie, given that leering at underage girls is such an integral part of British comedy. Or then again, it’s possible this is all just some prankster’s mission to sully Louis C.K.’s reputation: “Let’s see you get nominated for Emmys now,” they said while concocting their brilliant scheme to have Louis C.K. ostracized from the industry. And now we’re playing right into their hands! [@jacquelinerivas via UPROXX]


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