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Louis C.K. agrees to give HBO his next comedy special

Magnanimously deciding to share some of his money with the network for old time's sake, Louis C.K. has been confirmed to return to HBO for a new stand-up special to air sometime next year, despite the fact that he already proved he doesn't need to do that anymore. "This comic genius remains one of the freshest voices on the scene, and HBO is proud to provide an uncensored forum for his provocative humor," HBO president Michael Lombardo said in a statement welcoming C.K. back, hoping the fawning was not overly obvious, given that C.K.'s recent Live At The Beacon Theater—which made the comic a sizable profit that he was able to keep for himself, in addition to earning him an Emmy—demonstrated that he no longer needs a middleman like Lombardo to "provide" his humor with anything. The special will be taped during one of the remaining stops of C.K.'s current sold-out tour, after which a grateful HBO will probably also tell C.K. he can have all the True Blood DVDs he wants.


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