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Lou Reed/Metallica album due Nov. 1

That collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica is creeping ever so closely to seeing the light of day—it now has a title, Lulu, and release date, Nov. 1. The unlikely tandem has even taken to calling itself "Loutallica," taking away the job of coming up with ridiculous monikers for this project from the rest of us. Some more details on Lulu: It's a concept album inspired by the plays Earth Spirit and Pandora's Box by Frank Wedekind, which concern "a young abused dancer's life and relationships." Reed originally conceived it as theatrical production, but decided to recruit Metallica after playing with them at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame shows in New York in 2009. Songs from the record include "Junior Dad," "Pumping Blood," and "Mistress Dread." We don't have streaming audio yet, but believe us, we'll share as soon as we get it, whether you want it or not. [Via Spin]


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