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Lou Reed directs Susan Boyle's video for "Perfect Day"

Working awfully hard to preserve his public image as the gosh-darn nicest guy in the music industry, Lou Reed has directed the video for Susan Boyle’s version of “Perfect Day” as an apology for Boyle’s canceled America’s Got Talent performance of the song—which, to the surprise of nearly everyone, turned out to not be Reed’s fault after all. However, the incident made Susan Boyle cry—great, heaving dewdrops of Susan Boyle sadness that pattered gently, insistently on the tin rooftop of Lou Reed’s heart. So although Reed could have essentially ignored the whole thing and gotten back to doing tai chi or plotting to steal all the toys in Whoville or whatever, somehow he ended up behind the camera for the first time since his recent documentary short Red Shirley, creating this panoramic, gloomy companion to Boyle’s dinner party-friendly version of his own romantic ode to drug addiction, which looks an awful lot like Reed’s audition reel for Twilight. To put it bluntly, it’s weird that this exists.

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