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Illustration for article titled emLost/ems Michael Emerson and J.J. Abrams get together for emPerson Of Interest/em

J.J. Abrams’ quest to reunite in the afterlife with all the Lost actors he abandoned continues, with Michael Emerson—twitchy, untrustworthy ol’ Ben Linus himself—teaming up with Abrams on the new CBS pilot Person Of Interest. The drama finds Emerson back in his idiom, playing a mysterious billionaire who recruits an ex-CIA agent, presumed dead, to help him prevent crimes in New York, like a less sexy Charlie’s Angels. (Or that brief run of Lost episodes where Ben sends Sayid around the world to kill people, extended to series length.) Promisingly, the script was written by Jonah Nolan, brother to Christopher, who’s branching into television after a successful run of working on screenplays with his sibling like The Dark Knight and its upcoming sequel. Less promisingly, Emerson’s casting likely ends, at least for now, any hope of his reteaming with Terry O’Quinn on the previously reported Odd Jobs as two retired black-ops agents who, hopefully, occasionally punch each other in the face. That pilot, though not officially dead, was reportedly pushed back to next year—so if you’d rather see that, maybe don’t watch this.


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