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Lost's Carlton Cuse working on film for Hugh Jackman, not working with dolphins

Although Carlton Cuse has seen his fair share of television offers since Lost ended—including a show about a “hot dolphin trainer” who is also (of course) a spy performing secret dolphin-aided missions at night, and another about “a guy and a ghost detective team,” both of which he rejected—he’s yet to break into feature films the way his former partner Damon Lindelof has, what with the high-profile Star Trek and Ridley Scott gigs. But that may be about to change, as Cuse has reportedly been signed to develop an action-adventure film for Hugh Jackman and Shawn Levy, who apparently had such an awesome time playing robots together that they’ve been looking for another project to share immediately. There are no details beyond that at this point, and of course, nothing will move forward until Jackman is done with The Wolverine, and consuming a coop’s worth of chickens every day to do so.

In the meantime, Cuse still has that mysterious Civil War drama to keep him occupied—although who else is suddenly more interested in the hot dolphin trainer? It’s the sort of idea that sounds preposterous at first but becomes more intriguing five sentences later, until all you can think about is how it’s the perfect excuse to put Summer Glau in a wetsuit for the eight episodes it’s bound to last. And it could very well be like a TV version of The Day Of The Dolphin, where it’s slowly revealed that the dolphins are also being trained as political assassins, and then Summer Glau has to play both sides while figuring out the best way to disrupt the plan without harming the noble, innocent creatures she's sworn to protect. What’s not to love about that? Anyway, it's not happening, so just put it out of your mind.


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