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Lost's Carlton Cuse developing Civil War-era series

While his Lost life partner Damon Lindelof has been awfully prolific with the high-profile projects of late—writing an Alien prequel, the forthcoming Cowboys & Aliens, and the next Star Trek—Carlton Cuse has been relatively off-radar, but today Variety reports that Cuse has teamed with Secretariat director Randall Wallace on a new show for ABC. Much like Lost, it’s been described as an “event” series, one set in Civil War-era Virginia. That’s pretty much all we know at this point, other than if it ends up on the fall schedule alongside AMC’s Hell On Wheels and that Wild Wild West remake—and around the time of Spielberg’s Lincoln biopic and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter—there will soon be an awful lot of "Civil War-era" entertainment all of a sudden. If we could play amateur psychologist for a moment, does this have something to do with a black man being president?


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