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Lost The Force Awakens scene shows Chewie going apeshit, ripping dude’s arm off

Screenshot: YouTube

“It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee,” Han Solo memorably tells C-3PO in A New Hope, blithely informing the droid that Wookiees won’t think twice about ripping your arm out of its socket. Turns out he wasn’t kidding. An unaired scene from The Force Awakens shows Chewbacca doing exactly that to the bulbous, snide Unkar Plutt. The scene was teased back in October, and now the full version is available online to satiate your sick desires. Watch it below:

The scene takes place in Maz Kanata’s castle, with Plutt confronting Rey about the Millennium Falcon she “stole” from him. When Chewie steps in, Plutt begins poking his injured arm, causing the promised dismemberment to occur.


It makes sense that Disney would cut the scene; not only is it graphic, but Plutt’s scream is also genuinely wince-inducing. The sight of the bloated, severed arm plopping onto a nearby games table might also sear itself into young, impressionable minds. Granted, the previous generation grew up watching Ponda Baba’s bloody appendage dirty up the Mos Eisley cantina floor and everything turned out fine. Right?

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