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Lost’s Mark Pellegrino to oversee more dead people in The Returned

If there’s one thing that comes easy to Mark Pellegrino, who played Jacob on Lost, and Carlton Cuse, Lost’s former co-showrunner, it’s the ability to tease out some epic mystery about people who may or may not secretly be dead. If there are two things that come easy to them, it’s making people horribly confused along the way.

It’s perfect, then, that the pair is reuniting for A&E’s The Returned, a show about a small town that’s suddenly visited by a bunch of resurrected dead people and the crazy mysteries they bring along with them. As reported by Deadline, Pellegrino will star in the series as a “rugged” man named Jack (Lost reference!), whose two teenage daughters somehow return home after having been killed in a bus crash several years earlier.


As we’ve previously explained—but should probably explain again—The Returned is not the same show as ABC’s Resurrection, despite them both being about dead people coming back to life. Resurrection is based on a book called The Returned that is not at all related to this show; The Returned is an adaptation of the French series , which is based on a book called They Came Back. Confused? Don’t worry, this is all a part of Cuse’s plan. Everything will either make sense eventually, or we’ll find out that it never really needed to make sense in the first place. Just like Lost.

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