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Lost mega-post: mystery-solving DVD extras, Emmy exemptions, and early audition tapes

With the series finale just days away, Lost-related news is being rushed out faster than the exposition in the last few episodes. First up is something to delight the diehard fans obsessed with learning every answer to every mystery the show ever presented, even if the answers might be as lame as “That actor didn’t want to stay in Hawaii.” Entertainment Weekly has confirmed a TV Guide report that August's season six DVD set will include bonus features that address some of those lingering questions, including as much as 20 minutes of “Why does turning the Frozen Donkey Wheel transport you to Tunisia?”-solving material that may or may not be resolved after this Sunday. It remains to be seen which mysteries the producers feel are most necessary to address—and whether the producers actually have answers for them—like: Is there some "big bang" theory as to how the island came to be? Does it even matter if we learn who built the temple or the statue of Taweret and why? Does everyone agree we absolutely need to know what's up with "Jacob’s cabin"?

If Sunday's finale does manage to answer most of those questions, and also ends up being a stellar two-and-a-half hours of television, it may actually be eligible for an Emmy: Due to a longstanding rule, an extended-length episode cannot have a total runtime above two hours and still be considered for an award, but Entertainment Weekly (again) reports that the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has granted an exemption to Lost out of respect for the “long-running series,” something it's done in the past for other popular shows. 

Finally, if all this talk of finales already has you feeling nostalgic, Collider takes you back to the very beginning with YouTube audition clips from the entire season one cast (with the exception of Terry O’Quinn, who was offered Locke up front). Put on “I Will Remember You” while you watch these, sort of the Lost equivalent of those American Idol exit montages. You'll see Evangeline Lilly reading at a time when Jack was still hopefully going to be played by Michael Keaton (and be killed off in the pilot), and Matthew Fox reading for Sawyer (and coming off exactly like pill-popping Crazy Jack from season four). It also includes that much-circulated Comic-Con clip of Michael Emerson auditioning for Hurley, and doing a really bad job of it. You can check out the rest of the auditions via the Collider link above.


Michael Emerson in mock audition for Hurley

Matthew Fox audition for Sawyer and Jack

Evangeline Lilly audition for Kate with J.J. Abrams giving notes

Josh Holloway reading for Sawyer

Jorge Garcia reading as Sawyer