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Lose yourself in the uncanny valley that ushers Dinosaurs into Jurassic Park

Photo: Jen Lewis

Dinosaurs pretty much dominated pop culture in the ’90s, from the seismic success of Jurassic Park to the crowd-pleasing antics of ABC’s Dinosaurs to the indie rock dominance of Dinosaur Jr. All were unsettling in their own ways (anyone else remember the terrifyingly apocalyptic finale of that otherwise lighthearted sitcom?), and it seems they’re even more nightmare-inducing when combined.

For as strikingly rendered as Jurassic Park’s T. rex was—we’re big fans—there’s something infinitely more freaky when it’s the uncanny valley carved by giant, dead-eyed, flannel-wearing puppet dinos staring you down.


At least this spin on the story explains why Baby looks like nothing like the rest of the family.

Comedian and presumed dinosaur aficionado Jen Lewis even took a moment to bring some of Dinosaurs’ supporting characters into the mix, including overbearing boss B.P. Richfield and mother-in-law Ethyl Hinkleman Phillips, who’s probably capable of spitting up something much more foul than whatever that stuff was the dilophosaurus’ were hocking.


Now, just put some J Mascis on in the background and you’ve hit the trifecta.

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