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We got a pretty spirited kick earlier this year out of Los Espookys, Fred Armisen, Julio Torres, and Ana Fabrega’s HBO send-up of…well, a lot of things: Magical realism, ghost-hunting, horror movies, interpersonal drama, rogue choclatiers, exorcisms, and more. The point is, the series—about a quartet of youths who use their love of horror films to start a business creating fake hauntings and spectral manifestations for their clients—was a delight: gentle, strange, and deeply funny.


If you haven’t checked out the series yet, you’re in luck, though, because there’s about to be a lot more of it: Deadline reports that HBO has just renewed the show for a second season, ensuring that Los Espookys (and Los Espookys) will rise up to haunt once again. There’s no word yet on whether the Spanish-language series will be getting a six-episode order like its first, or whether it’ll expand out a bit more as its second year on the air arrives, but either way, we’re happy to get to spend a little more time in its weird, quietly wonderful world.

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