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Lorne Michaels says SNL will still be live from coast-to-coast this season

(Photo: Getty Images/NBCU Photo Bank/NBC, Rosalind O'Connor)

Last season, Saturday Night Live celebrated a successful run of shows featuring Alec Baldwin and the rest of the actual cast by breaking with tradition and airing the show live in all time zones from coast-to-coast. Finally, East Coast elitists would be unable to spoil the show for West Coast elitists, helping to usher in a brief period of SNL-related peace. Since that worked out pretty well last time, SNL mastermind Lorne Michaels has decided to keep it up this season.

Michaels made that announcement on an episode of The Hollywood Reporter‘s Awards Chatter podcast, and though it doesn’t sound like it’s officially on the books just yet, it’s clear that Michaels was happy with the experiment. The Hollywood Reporter notes that it was also the most-watched season in 23 years, probably because of the combination of the live stunt and the regular appearances from Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump, so NBC will probably be happy to let Michaels keep doing whatever he wants.


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