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Loretta Lynn smoked weed for the first time, wasn’t a fan

(Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Country music legend and coal miner’s daughter Loretta Lynn has had a multitude of experiences in her 84-year life, from protesting the Vietnam War and befriending Jimmy Carter, to sharing a stage with her natural musical descendant, Kid Rock. But, as revealed in a recent interview Lynn gave to People, she’d never indulged in the preferred vice of her friend Willie Nelson—about whom Lynn recently said, “I know he smokes pot, but my goodness, there’s a lot people doing a lot worse then smoking pot!”—until earlier this year. And she’s not likely to try it again, if her typically feisty response to the experience is any indication: “I got glaucoma, and they gave me one of these cigarettes. I took one smoke off of it and it hit me right here in the chest. I like to have died! Glaucoma is just going to have to take over.”

Lynn recently collaborated with Nelson on Full Circle, her 54th studio album. The album was released to positive reviews back in March.

[via Consequence Of Sound]


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