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Lorene Scafaria knows what the world needs: Hustlers, The Musical

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Get your gargantuan fur coats and your finest platform heels ready: We could be heading to the theater.

On the Golden Globes red carpet, Hustlers director Lorene Scarfaria revealed that she is currently attempting to adapt the critically beloved Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez starrer into a Broadway musical. In a conversation with Variety, Scarfaria shared that she is currently in the very beginning stages of developing the script and that her vision includes a mix of original music and songs used in the film, like Fiona Apple’s “Criminal,” which underscored Lopez’s iconic introductory pole dance. She joked that that a lot depends on Usher, who made a bold cameo at the end of the first act.


“We had a lot of different kinds of people turning out for Hustlers, it was a wider net than I imagined,” Scafaria said. “I think it’s a safe place for people to enjoy something that maybe they wouldn’t enjoy, and maybe they’ll get inspired to go to an actual strip club and support the girls.”


Though the director is ostensibly in the very early stages of the process, the effort seems earnest. This is promising for those of us who have been chomping at the bit to see rousing duet between Ramona (Lopez) and Destiny (Wu) about the trials of balancing ketamine and MDMA, or an informative tap number outlining Destiny’s grandmother’s (Wai Ching Ho) youthful exploits. No matter how the potential final product shakes out, we hope that Cardi B is available to play... well, just about anyone she wants, including the omniscient narrator.

[Via Entertainment Weekly]


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