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Lord and Miller are making a show about a cartoon barbarian and his live-action family

After Fox’s The Last Man On Earth, it seems safe to assume that Phil Lord and Chris Miller (who also directed The Lego Movie) have a good handle on wringing comedy out of an unusual premise. For their next TV project, Lord and Miller are definitely leaning on that particular talent: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two of them are now developing a “hybrid animated/live-action comedy” called Son Of Zahn for Fox. The show is about a cartoon barbarian (the eponymous Zahn) who returns home to “his live-action son and ex-wife” after 10 years of animated pillaging. He then realizes that “reconnecting with his family, struggling through his mundane office job, and dealing with the banality of suburban life” is a lot less exciting than the world of dramatic, cartoon battles that he’s used to. So far, Johnny Pemberton (21 Jump Street) is the only star attached, and he’s set to play Alan, the “moody teenage son” of Zahn. Hey, Son Of Zahn, that’s the name of the show!


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