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Loose Tooth cooks up a batch of “Garlic Soup” on its new track

Loose Tooth (Photo: Craig Scheihing)

Philadelphia’s Loose Tooth had a fairly inauspicious start. In the summer of 2013, Larissa Sapko had two goals: to find a job and start a band. Once the band got rolling, it quickly built steam, weathering lineup changes and releasing an EP and full-length in fairly short order. Now Loose Tooth is prepping for the release of its second album, Big Day, which will be out in April as a split release between Lame-O Records and Father/Daughter Records. Today, The A.V. Club is streaming ”Garlic Soup,” a song from Big Day that shows a noisy new side of the band. While it’s still poppy, the back half sees the band split away from the song’s established melodies, stepping away from its post-hardcore rocking for something a bit headier, yet still totally heavy.

Pre-orders are available now through both Lame-O and Father/Daughter.


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