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Looky looky, the now 38-year-old Rufio just remade a scene from Hook

A couple of years ago, Dante Basco—better known as Rufio from the movie Hookmade the media rounds insisting, hand to God, that a Hook prequel based on Rufio was in the works.  The thing was supposedly written by an L.A. sketch troupe and had a director attached, but considering neither Steven Spielberg or Columbia Pictures were attached to the movie, it’s not hard to see how the film didn’t get made.

Fast forward two years and Basco has, sadly, resumed his Rufio spiel. The crew behind Homemade Movies somehow (a sandwich? $10?) roped the now 38-year-old Basco into slapping on a red-tipped mohawk wig and bangaranging his way through their sweded version of Hook’s climactic battle scene between the lost boys and the pirates. It’s kind of fun to watch, in that “oh, oh no” train wreck sort of way. The behind the scenes footage, also below, is even worse. [via Collider]

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