Image: Domino's Japan

In a turn of events everyone could have possibly foreseen, Domino’s Japan is no longer training reindeer to deliver pizzas in Japan for Christmas.

Earlier this week, we wrote that “Domino’s Japan is getting in the holiday spirit by strapping piping hot pies to Santa’s signature bucks, then sending them trotting across the snowy expanse, where bikes and cars just aren’t as practical.” In a statement released on Thursday, however, the company acknowledges that (Google translated) “it is difficult to control the reindeer.” Pizza boxes were slipping to and fro, and the sound of barking dogs was freaking the wild beasts out. Santa must be a cat man.


Domino’s seems to have a good sense of humor about it all. Along with the statement, the company released a short video showing animal trainers in Hokkaido chasing down a wayward reindeer as the deer-shaped icon on its app zags with abandon.

In their place will be delivery scooters clad in the brown fur, antlers, and, uh, muzzles, of your standard reindeer. No word yet on if Domino’s is training reindeer to drive the scooters.


[via Mashable]