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Looks like there's just Peeps left in the movie idea basket

As have so many in their last resort, Detroit Rock City director Adam Rifkin has picked up Peeps from the increasingly picked-over franchise store, optioning the rights to make the theoretical treats into an animated film Deadline believes will be “Lego Movie-esque,” much as parents believe Peeps will be just as good as Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. Rifkin has successfully sold his pitch to Just Born, which manufactures the marshmallow dust-birds to the astonishing tune of $2 billion every year—filling Easter baskets, Easter bonnets, and Easter drywall insulation the world over. Often they are also placed into Easter microwaves, where they are tortured in remembrance of the suffering of Jesus Christ.

They also sometimes find their way into Peeps diorama contests, and—thanks to Rifkin’s niece and nephew, whose own refusal to eat Peeps and instead use them as spackle for a school project inspired him—the movie will trace the adventures of one lost Peep who journeys across the fantastical, lumpy dioramas of other Peeps, desperate to return to his own before the contest begins or before he is eaten. Just kidding; no one eats Peeps.


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