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Looks like someone made an offer on Danzig’s spooky-ass house

Photo: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Danzig’s house, easily identified by its black paint job and metal-as-fuck wrought-iron fence, is a local landmark in L.A.’s Los Feliz neighborhood, so much so that Danzig himself hasn’t lived there for years. (Too many lookie-loos in skull T-shirts taking selfies out front, one assumes.) Earlier this week, he put the house on the market, listing it on the realty website Zillow for $1.2 million; as of this morning, the house is listed as “off market” on Zillow, implying that someone’s made an offer on it. It’s also off the market on real-estate site Redfin, but Sotheby’s is still taking offers on the two-bedroom, one-bath Craftsman home, which is being sold “as is.”


If local lore is to be believed, that “as is” includes damage to the front lawn from the giant pile of bricks Danzig had in front of his house until a neighbor’s constant complaining led him to dramatically toss them one by one in a dumpster, screaming, “HERE I AM MOTHERFUCKER, JUST CLEANING UP MY FUCKING BRICKS BITCH!” It also includes rotted siding, broken blinds, and overgrown shrubbery, based on pictures of the house from real-estate sites. No interior photos are included in the Sotheby’s listing, so it’s hard to make a guess on the house’s interior condition. But based on the footage of Danzig showing MTV News the damage the 1994 earthquake did to the place below, it was a shithole then, so don’t expect much from it now.

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