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Looks like Kamala Khan is going to be a huge part of the Marvel's Avengers game

We’ve been hearing for several years now about Crystal Dynamic’s Avengers video game, the Tomb Raider studio’s Marvel-backed effort to translate the most popular movie superheroes on the planet into a decently playable action-adventure experience. (For some reasons, this is a consistently difficult prospect to pull off, as the fate of the aborted Avengers movie tie-in made clear a couple of years back.) Publisher Square Enix has let a few plot details about the game slip over the years—including the fact that it takes place in a world where the Avengers have disbanded after being blamed for an accident with one of those dang omnipresent Terrigen Crystals that are always crapping out Inhumans—but they were apparently holding onto a trump card for a time closer to its 2020 release: A starring role for fan-favorite teen superhero Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel.


It’s been a good year for Marvel’s first Muslim-American hero—a huge superhero nerd whose fandom is outmatched only by her ability to stretch and “embiggen” herself—with Disney announcing that the character would be getting her own live-action Disney+ show. Now, a new trailer for the Avengers game reveals that she’s the one who ends up reuniting the surviving Avengers, all of whom appear to have gotten extremely mopey since “A-Day” encouraged them to hang up their hero work.

We will note, for the sake of completion, that this isn’t the first time Kamala has been a major part of a Marvel video game—she’s one of the most prominent characters in this summer’s Ultimate Alliance 3, for instance—but the sheer amount of spotlight she’s getting here is a pretty strong acknowledgement that Marvel knows how important everyone’s favorite fangirl Inhuman is to the company’s legions of fans.

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