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Batman is a brooding, orphaned, rich vigilante—attributes you could also assign to one (1) Edward Cullen, in fact. The undeniable connection between the two has only just now come to light because Robert Pattinson has reportedly been cast as the next actor to take on the iconic role of Batman. To a majority of people, Pattinson is known simply as the sparkling vamp with no fangs but a hunger for clumsy, equally-sullen (human) women. However, he’s much more than that—see: High Life, Good Time, The Rover, and The Lost City Of Z, to name just a few—and, if it makes you feel better, there’s even video evidence that he loved to hate his breakout franchise as well.

In a video compilation that’s been around for a while now, one enterprising soul captures the tons of times that Pattinson’s shaded Twilight, his character Edward Cullen, and even author Stephenie Meyer. He’d spent time with Edward and had to get in his headspace, so he (better than most) can tell anyone how messed up that 108-year-old vampire is. He talks about how weird the concept is and rags on Meyer a lot. He also notes the “funniest scene [he’s] ever had to do in [his] life” was in Breaking Dawn: Part 1 when the age-old vamps have to Google image search for vampire babies while Bella’s pregnant. He was particularly expressive in an Access Hollywood interview, especially when he deemed SK-II face packs (white face makeup) as the co-worker that made his experience the most rewarding. The guy is hilarious.


There are reports that he and Nicholas Hoult (Beast in the current X-Men trilogy) are on the short list for the role, but Variety, who reported that Pattinson was cast, is hardly wrong on these things. Either way, Batman’s had so many iterations and, while most have really worked, others have fallen very flat. If Ben Affleck’s god-awful Phoenix tattoo didn’t bump him out of the running for the role, then Pattinson’s gold contacts and sparkly skin shouldn’t either.

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