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Photo: MGMT (Chiaki Nozu/Getty Images); Earth, Wind & Fire (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

MGMT’s extremely mid-aughts hit single, “Kids,” turns—sigh, really?—15 this year. Up until this week, it’s a song that, while comprised of laboratory-engineered levels of catchiness, appeared to have finally receded into our pop cultural memory, only to occasionally resurface in throwback Apple ads and Netflix teen dramas. But, as YouTuber and apparent sadistic madman William Maranci demonstrates, combining the song’s sugary synthpop with Earth, Wind & Fire’s disco classic, “September,” all but ensures neither hook will truly ever leave our heads.

It’s...phew, it’s a lot, folks. And, as you might expect, catchy as all hell. And this isn’t the first time Maranci stitched together a Frankenstein’s monster of music. See his mashup of System Of A Down and Fergie below.

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