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Look! The first photo from Breaking Bad’s final eight episodes!

The image above ping-ponged across the Internet yesterday, but it wasn’t until today that it showed up on the AMC press site, thereby confirming that, yes, this shot of Walter White pleading with a distraught Jesse Pinkman is from the first of Breaking Bad’s final eight episodes. And now it’s time to dissect it down to the tiniest detail: Is the yellow object behind the big, scary duffel bag that’s come between Jesse and Walt a hazmat suit (Pinkman and White—together again!) or the signature hoodie of Aaron Paul’s character? There’s also the matter of what the characters are talking about: Who’s going to pay for the fast-food on the coffee table? Maybe neither of them knows what’s inside that bag. Or maybe, just maybe, this comes down to that gut-wrenching twist from “Gliding All Over,” the one that seemingly set Walter’s final downfall in motion.

Or maybe Walt is all like “JESSE,” and Jesse is all like “Bitch,” and this first episode is about withheld information and/or appetites being whetted for the fireworks to come—which is all you’re getting from this JPG, anyway. But that shouldn’t stop you from wildly speculating about the photos meaning on multiple online forums—like the comments section below! You are the one who knocks comments! So go nuts!


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