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Look closely and you'll see Haunting Of Hill House's Oliver Jackson-Cohen as the new Invisible Man

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Earlier this year, we picked up on some pretty clear evidence that Elisabeth Moss would be starring in a post-Dark Universe attempt to remake The Invisible Man, this time with the horror experts at Blumhouse taking the lead. Moss herself noted that it was an “incredible story” that “maybe needs to be retold” and “maybe with a woman,” directly implying—without an official confirmation—that she would be the one turning invisible in some kind of gender-swap twist on the original story. Now, though, a new casting announcement makes it sound like this will be a bit more traditional than Moss implied.


According to Deadline, Haunting Of Hill House’s Oliver Jackson-Cohen is joining the movie as the eponymous invisible man, taking over the role that Johnny Depp would’ve filled if the Dark Universe had managed to survive. Deadline confirms that Moss is in the movie, but now we don’t know what role she might be playing, so perhaps her “maybe with a woman” comment just meant that the story should have a woman and not necessarily an invisible woman. Or maybe Universal and Blumhouse want an invisible man so they can call it The Invisible Man and hook all of those diehard Claude Rains fans, but then more people will become invisible over the course of the story.

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