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Look at these dumb, clumsy wasps

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Wasps look like they should be graceful creatures. Similar to bees, with all the wild, impressive stuff they do to maintain their complex bee societies, you might assume that wasps would be similarly poised. Thanks to a slow motion, close-up video showing the insects flying back into a nest, we now know this isn’t true. The fearsome wasp, bane of the summer, is actually a clumsy little dipshit.

Captured by German nature photographer Lothar Lenz, the clip shows a series of wasps entering and leaving a nest in Eifel, Germany. They bump into each other constantly, knocking their pals off of a piece of wall or bashing together in mid-air so that one of them falls down like a sack of venom-assed potatoes.


Though the footage is good enough on its own, the video also adds cartoon sound effects to each collision. Breaking glass, slamming doors, and dopey boing noises are overlaid atop a constant backdrop of menacing buzzing, further reducing the once-frightening image of wasps into Three Stooges-esque bug clowns.

As enjoyable as it is to watch these tiny dopes humbled on tape, we should still remember that wasps will sting the hell out of you, no matter how silly they might look. Really, until humanity destroys their environment as part of our continual destruction of the planet, they get the last, creepily buzzing laugh.


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