Like the mighty hawk devouring its elusive prey, only to return to its nest and regurgitate that prey into the mouths of hungry young baby hawks, so too Warner Horizon—who only two weeks earlier swallowed the cancellation of its show Longmire by A&E—is now trying to regurgitate the remains of its chewed-up little Western drama into the hungry maw of some other young cable or digital outlet. However, unlike some recent success stories, the prospects for Longmire’s transfer to another home don’t seem as rosy. It’s being reported that, given the show’s notably older fan demographic (and 45-percent decline in viewing audience of adults 18-49 this past season), the cable networks aren’t so interested in the Robert Taylor and Katee Sackhoff-starring series.

Instead, Warner Horizon seems to be placing its hope on the possibility of enticing a streaming service. Hulu and Yahoo Screen are possibilities, but the most attention at present is on either Amazon—which, if it picked it up, would mark its first acquisition of an already-existing property for continuation—or Netflix. As Netflix is currently streaming previous seasons of the show, that would seem to suggest that it’s also the best hope the show has for a pickup.


Then again, it’s hard to imagine Netflix mustering much enthusiasm for a show that always had trouble generating attention, even while being the highest-rated scripted show on A&E. In related news, it’s apparently not very good for your health to be the highest-rated scripted show on A&E.