Skipping theaters and VHS entirely, the 1981 film Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains, will be released on DVD September 16th. The story of a girl punk band featuring Diane Lane and Laura Dern, Stains was never released to theaters but enjoyed a long afterlife on cable, particularly the USA Network's Night Flight lineup. (An aside: Anyone with a line on Night Flight bootlegs, let me know!) Written by Nancy Dowd (Slap Shot, Coming Home) under a pseudonym, it's a tale of music outsiders directed by music insider, and Up In Smoke director, Lou Adler. Punk icons Paul Simonon, Paul Cook, and Steve Jones co-star alongside Christine Lahti and Ray Winstone.

Here's a link a clip from the first part of a late-'90s Stains making-of directed by the late, lamented indie filmmaker Sarah Jacobson.