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Long out-of-print electronic record Mother Earth's Plantasia gets vinyl reissue and digital release

Illustration for article titled Long out-of-print electronic record iMother Earths Plantasia /igets vinyl reissue and digital release
Photo: Ian Forsyth (Getty Images)

Good news for people who are plants and/or enjoy the sort of music that plants crave: Mort Garson’s cult classic electronic album Mother Earth’s Plantasia from 1976 is getting reissued. Billed as “warm earth music for plants… and the people that love them,” the album is ostensibly intended to be played for growing plants, and if it’s unclear why plants would be interesting in synthesizer music, the answer is actually pretty simple: Because it’s all pretty rad. That radness helped establish Plantasia as a recent cult hit, though its status as an early electronic album geared toward plants—and the fact that it’s been out of print for a long time—made it an obscure collector’s item.

Now, though, Pitchfork says that record label Sacred Bones is putting together the first official reissue of the vinyl version of Plantasia as well as a new digital release. Plus, in what seems like a vague rejection of the album’s stated purpose, Sacred Bones has also uploaded the whole thing to YouTube. The digital version is available now, and the vinyl will be released on June 21.

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