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Ruby Rose’s Batwoman isn’t the only big-name crashing the party at The CW’s big superhero crossover this year, as Deadline is reporting that Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman—last seen in season two of Supergirl—will be joining in on the fun for once. Hoechlin will be appearing in all three nights of the crossover event, meaning he’ll pop up on The Flash and Arrow in addition to Supergirl, and he’ll be bringing a guest. According to the Deadline story, Lois Lane will also be stopping by The CW for the crossover, though she hasn’t been cast yet. We don’t know how big Lois’ role will be, or if she’ll be in all three nights of the crossover like her significant other, but having a character on deck who is very famous but doesn’t have any superpowers could be very good for this universe. Plus, she could probably give Supergirl some journalism tips. She’s still trying to be a journalist, right?


Meanwhile, the team from DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow is sitting out the crossover, probably because that show is so awesome that it would eclipse the other three if they all crossed paths again. Then, everybody watching The CW would start to wonder why the network bothers having four separate superhero shows when airing new episodes of Legends four nights a week would clearly be a better option.

Anyway, the crossover will begin on December 9.

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