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Logan’s Dafne Keen has found her next role

Logan (Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Given the success of Logan, we presume that at some point we’ll see Dafne Keen reprise her role as the ferocious Laura in some spin-off of the X-Men franchise—at least, James Mangold’s certainly given us reason to hope. For now, Keen has taken a role as the eponymous character in the upcoming film Ana, set to be directed by Charles McDougal, whose TV credits run the gamut from Sex And The City to House Of Cards. According to Deadline, the project has some similarities with her breakout role. In Ana, she will also “form an odd friendship” and go on a road trip with an old—relatively speaking—dude here played by Luis Guzmán. This time the objective, however, is not to save mutant-kind, but to ”save him from bankruptcy, or worse.” But it doesn’t seem likely Keen will rip a guy’s head off with adamantium claws in this one.


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