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Logan Paul, warrior prophet, says "it’s the beginning of the end" on Fox Business

Screenshot: YouTube

Logan Paul, the ever-eloquent YouTuber known for nut shots and filming dead bodies while wearing a Toy Story hat, popped up on Fox Business to...talk?

Like most things involving Paul, it’s a sputtering mix of word salad, trolling, and general cluelessness, with Paul responding to host Liz Claman’s talk of YouTube’s competing platforms by saying she’s “talking about a lot of stuff I don’t know much about...I’m kinda just out here.”


He does, however, dispute the claim that he’s “controversial,” clarifying to the host that he’s now an “ex-controversial YouTuber” who may also be the “fastest man on the planet,” a feat he hopes to prove at an upcoming Olympics-style track and field race featuring several notable YouTubers.

He speaks a little about the benefits of YouTube’s monetization policy, but isn’t pressed about the massive amount of fire it’s fallen under as of late. Not that we’d want to hear his take, necessarily, what with Paul having recently hosted banned YouTuber and dangerous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his podcast. Instead, he rambles about how his expenses have exceeded his income “for the first time ever” and how he’s “definitely going downhill from here,” which comes across like he’s trolling, but who the hell can even tell anymore. “I think it’s the beginning of the end.” Paul adds. As he quickly pivots to the subject of his contagious pink eye, we crossed our fingers that he’s right.

Watch the full clip above, or check out a supercut of the best moments from Media Matters for America campaign director Jordan Uhl below. (We recommend the latter.)

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