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Logan Paul wants to get his ass kicked

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Logan Paul’s proven time and again that not only can he take a nutshot (or 10), but that he’s stupid enough to do just about anything, whether that be blatantly disrespecting an entire culture or giddily filming the time he stumbled upon a suicide victim while wearing a Yoda hat. Despite making a documentary that will no doubt teach us that, no, he’s actually good, Paul’s face has nevertheless emerged as one of our country’s most punchable; the surprising thing is that he actually agrees.


While chatting with TMZ alongside his brother, Jake, Logan revealed that he’s game for entering a UFC Octagon. “I want to fight a UFC fighter,” he said. “Yo, Dana White, if you’re watching this, pick a fighter for me, dude.” Logan says he’s available for the fight late next year—after his already scheduled boxing matches with YouTuber KSI—adding that he wrestled in high school and “literally did athletics my whole life” so, “bro, there’s no reason I can’t.”

Somewhere, Conor McGregor is spitting out a bloody bit of gauze and punching a hole in his iPad.

Speaking of McGregor, Logan and Jake think it’d be “dope” to square off against the Irish mauler. More realistic, however, is CM Punk, who’s the first name Logan rattles off, likely due to the former WWE star’s lackluster showing so far in the Octagon.


Regardless of who Paul locks horns with, it’s likely that the next dead body that gets frivolously vlogged about will be his own.

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