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Logan Paul makes triumphant return to YouTube with a low-rent Hunger Games knock-off

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Logan Paul, the internet personality too shitty for even YouTube to countenance, has returned. This isn’t the first time he’s come back, of course. Ever since uploading footage of a suicide victim late last year, Paul has been trying to rehabilitate his image in an effort to get his ad revenue flowing again. A slight setback, caused by his apparent inability to help himself from tasering dead rats days after his earlier comeback, has left him needing, once again, to find a way to return to YouTube in proper fashion.


We regret to inform you that he’s found his method: a sequel to a Hunger Games knock-off movie called The Thinning: New World Order.

In case you missed the original The Thinning (which is difficult to imagine), it’s a super original Youtube-distributed film from 2016 about Logan Paul living in a dystopian future where people get killed for not passing an important aptitude test and the brave teens who resist this cruel reality. It’s basically a worse version of The Hunger Games (which is a worse version of Battle Royale) but it has a YouTuber and Stacey Dash in it. Fans were deprived of the sequel, New World Order, after its heroic protagonist was suspended from YouTube for failing his own social aptitude test and the movie was delayed from its planned, early-2018 release. Now, luckily, Paul has been removed from time out and his magnum opus can be purchased and streamed.


In a bit of unintentional metacommentary, the trailer opens with a memorial service to Paul’s character who, after being presumed dead, is revealed to be simply fighting behind the scenes before returning to a world that briefly forgot him. It also goes on to detail a plot about the first movie’s teens working to overthrow the nasty autocracy responsible for their torment. It’s basically a worse version of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (which is a worse version of Battle Royale II: Requiem) but you have to pay for YouTube Premium to watch it.

Regardless of whether you choose to enjoy these future classics, the most important takeaway is simply that they exist, that Paul can never be defeated, and that “The Logang” is eternal. That’s the kind of harrowing dystopia not even The Thinning 3 will be able to top.

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