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Lock the gates: Marc Maron’s interviewing Krusty The Clown on The Simpsons

For as long as Marc Maron has been interviewing comedians (and musicians and filmmakers and one president of the United States) in his garage, smart-asses the world over have wondered what it would sound like if the stand-up and GLOW co-star sat down with fictional funny people. Would he subject Fozzie Bear to the old “We’re okay, right?” routine? Would he want to hear who the Joker’s guys are, and how he got them? Would he and Krusty The Clown find common ground in their Jewish upbringings and lingering parental issues?

This Sunday, one of those theoreticals will be realized, when Maron guest stars on The Simpsons, providing the framework for an episode that delves into Krusty’s secret cinematic past. “Since I do so much podcasting, it was sort of natural,” Maron says in the exclusive sneak peek above. The show’s writers even snuck in a joke about podcast sponsors to make him especially at home.

Maron’s episode, “The Clown Stays In The Picture,” airs this Sunday, February 17 at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CST on Fox.

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