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Lobo movie is in the works again, because mercenaries are so hot right now

(Image: DC Comics)

It was just two years ago that Warner Bros. made a threat—er, promise—to bring nine DC Comics adaptations to the big screen, having already announced a Justice League chaser to its Man Of Steel demolition derby. Of course, the studio then had to figure out just what non-Gothamite or Kryptonian heroes audiences would tolerate, let alone adore. Now, in addition to its Cyborg, The Flash, and Aquaman projects, Warner Bros. has resurrected the Lobo movie that’s been kicking around and that at one time had San Andreas’ Brad Peyton attached to direct and do rewrites.

But now The Wrap reports that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have tapped Wonder Woman scribe Jason Fuchs to write a new script for the adaptation, which would center on the Czarnian who once had czarnothing better to do than to wipe out his species. Although Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen’s bounty hunter creation was originally intended as a kind of critique of the no-holds-barred street justice of The Punisher and Wolverine, the character was a hit with audiences and saw multiple revivals, including being part of The New 52. And genocide aside, the appeal of Lobo likely stems from the success of Guardians Of The Galaxy and Deadpool, which saw irreverent, quippy heroes and antiheroes resonate with audiences, despite the R-rating of the latter.


There’s no word on when production will begin on Lobo, or whether Peyton is still attached to at least direct the film. But in the interim, Fuchs is tackling the script for the Tom Cruise sci-fi pic Luna Park, in addition to hanging out with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

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