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LL Cool J will host Jimmy Fallon’s Lip Sync Battle show

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According to Entertainment Weekly, LL Cool J will host Lip Sync Battlea series based on a reasonably funny recurring game from Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Lip Sync Battle will premiere on Spike on April 2, and every episode will feature different celebrities competing against each other to see who can pretend to sing a song the best. And yes, before you ask, this is real life.


Fallon is a producer on the show, as are John Krasinksi and Stephen Merchant. LL Cool J—who is better known by his birth name, Ladies Love Cool James—says he’s a “big fan of these battles” and that the Lip Sync Battle show will “bring it to a whole new level.” We still don’t know how Spike and Cool James can stretch a minutes-long goof on The Tonight Show to 10 full episodes, but hopefully that whole new level has something to do with it. All they need are a few minutes of time-wasting banter with the contestants jokingly smack-talking, three celebrities doing two songs each, and a little bit of LL Cool J arbitrarily judging them. Plus, it’s on Spike, so there will be a bunch of commercials for beer, phone sex lines, and treatments for low testosterone. That’s got to be enough. If not, they can throw in an extra phone sex commercial.

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