Good but ultimately frustrating news for those still mourning the death of Party Down: Lizzy Caplan has officially kicked off the sort of “but maybe it could be a movie?” talk that’s futilely raised the expectations of fans of similarly brilliant-but-canceled fare like Arrested Development. In an interview with Hitfix, Caplan (who received notice of the show’s fate on her birthday, which sucks) says she’s now pushing the idea of a Party Down movie on creator Rob Thomas—who’s already been through this sort of thing before by attempting to bring Veronica Mars to the big screen—saying, “We want it so bad. We could do it for no money, no time. We would do it for free. I just don't know if we're legally allowed to do it.” Naturally we’re not expecting much to come from this, but the interview is worth reading anyway—particularly for already-slavish Caplan fans who will likely fall ever deeper in love with her after reading quotes like, “I think if a girl who liked Party Down found out that her boyfriend liked Two And A Half Men, she would break up with him.” But yeah, a Party Down movie doesn’t seem very likely.