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Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen are now Masters Of Sex

Showtime has found the leads for its Masters Of Sex pilot, and they're acclaimed thespian Michael Sheen and cult favorite Lizzy Caplan. The two will be playing William Masters and Virginia Johnson, whose research into human sexuality was instrumental in liberating sexual attitudes in the 1960s. It's based on the book of the same name by Thomas Maier. Thus, regrettably, it's not a reality show where Sheen and Caplan burst into your home to watch your sexual technique, then criticize it, tear it apart, and rebuild it from the ground up. (Showtime, if you're looking for a show along these lines, please contact us.)

Sheen is probably best known to American audiences for his film work in everything from The Queen to the film adaptation of his stage hit Frost/Nixon to the Twilight saga. (Also, he was in the Tron sequel, and we know at least one of you will be upset that this might keep him from future Tron sequels.) Caplan is barely known to American audiences at all, but she was in Party Down, which all but gives her a lifetime pass in our eyes. She's been awesome in any other number of things as well, and is currently doing a multi-episode stint on New Girl. We're sure all discussion of her in this role in comments will be gentlemanly, as when a young man tips his hat toward a lady when he meets her on the street on the warmest morning in April.


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