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Lizzo is having a bona fide Moment at the, uh, moment, having just, in the span of about a week, played Coachella, launched her major label premiere to critical acclaim, and even lined up a debut film role for herself. None of which appears to have dampened the humor and vulnerability that’s helped elevate her into the stratosphere in recent months, something very much in evidence on a recent appearance she made on Busy Philipps’ Busy Tonight, quickly establishing itself as one of the go-to places for said humor and vulnerability in TV talk.

Seated on a big comfy couch and sipping from “Juice” boxes emblazoned with her own face, the Cuz I Love You star dished on a delightful grab-bag of topics, from celebrity dating sites, to her efforts to “get” Daily Show host Trevor Noah, to the physical effects of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and sliding into Drake’s DMs. (The physical effect of the latter being “Drake ends up following you,” while the former being, well…We’ll let Lizzo say it in the clip.)


The whole thing is the sort of 15-minute talk show interview that breezes past in what feels like five, as Philipps peppers Lizzo with questions about her love life, her interactions with Prince, and the ongoing meteoric rise of her career. Matthew Perrys need not apply.

[via Billboard]

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