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Lizzo meets The Aristocats in the year's best mashup

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Screenshot: The Aristocats; Lizzo (Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Lizzo’s buoyant, searing “Truth Hurts” is one of the modern pop scene’s more memorable bops, having found life time and again since first dropping in 2017. It resurfaced again over the weekend when the singer herself retweeted a clip setting the cut against a scene from Disney’s 1970 animated feature The Aristocats. Mashups are nothing new, of course, but this one works way better than it has any right to.

Originally set to “Scales And Arpeggios,” a song you likely sung along with as a wee one, the scene takes on a naughtier air when Duchess and her kittens sing about being “100% that bitch.”


On Saturday, Lizzo herself retweeted it with an astonished “OOOOOHHHHHHH MY GOD.”

After she made a splash in Hustlers, don’t be surprised if she’s already being courted for the inevitable Aristocats reboot.

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