Though the reality of Arrested Development's fourth season has asserted itself through blurry photographs and, according to the faithful, answering prayers in its own mysterious way, we have to admit we were still skeptical that it was actually happening, until TV Guide said that Liza Minnelli is also involved. According to the report, Minnelli will reprise her role as the Bluth-dating, vertigo-afflicted, club sauce-intoxicated Lucille Austero—and one does not waste the time of Liza Minnelli by booking her for things that aren't actually happening! Liza does six nights of Cabaret a week, probably! We're not certain, but that sounds like something that Liza Minnelli still does, somewhere! Anyway, Minnelli is just the latest to join a roster of returning supporting players like Henry Winkler and Judy Greer, whose presence also confirms that you can say goodbye to these (uncertain feelings about the veracity of the Arrested Development reunion).