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Liza Minnelli makes a bid for a Betty White-style comeback on the Home Shopping Network

In the last few months, Liza Minnelli seems to have borrowed a page from Betty White's playbook, making slow but steady creeps back into the national consciousness: Both appeared in Super Bowl Snickers commercials in February; both have been making high-profile cameos in films—although Minnelli's appearance in the widely panned Sex And The City 2, in which Liza performs a rendition of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies,” is part of the reason it's “making gay men straight,” in the words of our own Nathan Rabin .

This week, while Betty White has been off turning Hot In Cleveland into a surprise hit for TV Land, Liza has been appearing on the Home Shopping Network to promote her own jewelry and clothing line, aptly titled The Liza Collection. As you can see in the below compilation (courtesy of Entertainment Weekly), it's a spirited performance full of Minnelli's individual style of insanity and heart, with just a touch of "Orson Welles for Paul Masson Wine." Some choice sound bites include a caller saying Minnelli has "overcome so much diversity," and Minnelli telling a fan, “It’s thrilling to talk to you—and I’ll remember it!” Minnelli then describes her clothes, saying, “It’s purty!” And finally, speaking to a caller full of praise, “Thank you, you’re my mentor, too!” Could an SNL hosting gig be far behind?

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