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Living cartoon Elvira to become actual cartoon

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Since taking over as hostess of KHJ-TV’s Movie Macabre in 1981, Cassandra Peterson, a.k.a Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark, has reigned over a multimedia merchandising empire built on cheesy horror movies, even cheesier puns, and…that’s about it. (Right, Joe Biden?) But listen, Peterson is 63 now, and would probably like to retire the wig and double-sided tape at some point. That, presumably, is where her animated avatar comes in as Comicbook.com reports that there’s an animated Mistress Of The Dark series in development to facilitate the sexual awakenings of future boys and ghouls. (What? We told you she likes puns.)

This news comes from Peterson’s recent appearance at Boston Comic-Con, where she told a crowd of fans with old issues of Elvira’s House Of Mystery tented on their laps that she is working on the aforementioned animated series as well as an autobiography, which in classic Elvira style she joked “is taking me, like, 150 years to write.” Asked about her famous costume, Peterson said, “Just because you look sexy … you don’t have to be a bimbo. You don’t have to look like Margaret Thatcher to be a strong woman.” You just have to make a lot of puns.


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